Welcome back my horror literary fans.  It Halloween again and time for some
new books to read.  Unfortunately due to some work issue, sickness and a
really pissed off black cat crossing my path, I didn't get a chance to read that
many books.  But I do have one and it is by my favorite author Dean Koontz.  I
will try to add a couple in the next week or two but things will be better in the
next year.  So enjoy.

                                                                                    D.W. Jones

Odd Hours by Dean Koontz
Koontz comes back with another novel staring our favorite
character he's ever written about, Odd Thomas.  This is the fourth
novel that contains this character and it is just as good as the
The story takes Odd Thomas shortly after leaving the
monastery with Boo and his new friend Frank Sinatra.  As you
know, Elvis went to the afterlife and Frank joined him.  He is drawn
to a small coastal town and living with a retired actor.  Odd doesn't
know why he is there.  
After a walk on the docks, he sees a mysterious woman he has been dreaming about.
 Not long after, strange men attack him and while touching him, they share a vision
and finally knows what it is about.  Now he must not only save his temporary home but
the country with some strange new friends, real and ghostly.
This book easily moves on and keeps with the odd dialogue and cast of characters.  
Along with the suspense and thrills is the usual fun and strange events.  What I like
about this series is that Odd is so likable and even though he's only nineteen, he is
wise beyond his years.
I recommend this book to any Koontz fan and anyone that likes a good thrilling story
with fun.