Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

     Welcome to our first issue of 2021 as Blood Moon Rising heads
into its 21st year of publication.  As we head into our 3rd decade in the
publishing world, we thank you for being a part of this magazine and
we plan to continue giving our readers the best horror entertainment
that we can.

     Because of the global pandemic of 2020, Blood Moon Rising for
safety reasons did not produce its yearly Halloween live stage show Blood Fest this year.  However, like
so many other events that could not go live, we did the next best thing and took the show online.  Teaming
up with Eddie Harlow and Lisa Stewart from the Facebook group Eddies Movies, we produced the event
online as a Facebook watch party.  The event held on October 24th was a hit as the event played
simultaneously on both Eddies Movies and our own side project Saturday Night Chillers.  We were very
happy with the event and look forward to working with Eddie and Lisa in the future.

     Okay, so this year’s Halloween was ……well let’s just say a little different due to the Covid Monster that
has the world in its grip.  However, with this year’s Halloween, one that I personally looked forward to
because not only did the holiday fall on a Saturday which is always a little more magical, but there was
also a full moon.  Being on the fence of what to do this year…..should I go out….should I stay in and waste
a Saturday night Halloween full moon….oh hell no.  Once that big beautiful moon rose over the horizon, I
jumped in my car and took a short ride to Reapers Revenge in Pennsylvania.  

     Since having the dreaded Coronavirus in the spring and being hospitalized for 3 weeks and another 3
weeks in rehab, I fell behind on some of my writers.  Since being released from the rehab center, I had to
wrap up my superhero, science fiction action book Devil Star (that I almost never got to finish had I died)
publish it, and then jump right into the 20th-year Anniversary issue of BMR all while recovering.  Then go
right to the Devil Star sequel and then again to BMR along with producing content for my Saturday Night
Chillers Facebook project especially with Halloween coming.  The thing is I nearly forgot about writing the
last episode of Hall Spawns to wrap up last season that is published right on the Blood Moon Rising

     But don’t worry, I will finish the season off soon and also I have other episodic stories in the back of my
mind to post on the BMR website in 2021.  So now click on our department links and enjoy Issue 82 of
Blood Moon Rising!