Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

     Welcome my Legion to our Halloween issue of Blood Moon
Rising.  As this is the last issue of the year, starting with the January
issue 2020 Blood Moon Rising starts its yearlong party celebrating
our 20th year in publication.  Yeah we can't believe it ourselves!  
Never could any of us involved with this magazine ever think that we
would be still doing this 20 years later.....I know I sure didn't think we
would be still doing this magazine 20 years later, and hell, I created it.  
The celebration starts next issue number 79.

     For any of you in or near New York City this October, we are once again producing our yearly
Halloween show Blood Fest.  This year will be our 16th show and we are very excited to once again have
the rock band Decembers Fall play for us.  It's been six years since Decembers Fall played Blood Fest for
our 10th Anniversary show back in 2013 and we can't wait to have them back again.  This year’s show is
once again hosted by our very own Dark Soul  and will feature a Haunted House along with a magical light
show by Warlock.  This year we feature the short film "The Pit" and live on stage Frankenstein's
Resurrection, plus our yearly costume & scream contests.  So come and join us for this show is free to the
public and playing once again in the 200 seat theater of the Queens Flushing Library 41-17 Main Street  
Flushing NY 11355.  

     For the past two years our Facebook spin-off project, Saturday Night Chillers, has been playing
movies, music and other fun stuff for our fans with Dark Soul as the project’s host.  Now we just started as
of June a new page on Facebook called Dark Soul's Project Horror Host where some of today's Horror
Hosts can post their shows, ads and other great stuff too.  If you have not become a member of the page
just yet, please check it out and join the fun.