Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

       Welcome everyone to Issue 76 of Blood Moon Rising as we
continue our celebration of our 19th year in publication. Now that
we are just one more New Year’s Eve away from our big 20th year,
we are so happy that you our readers have been with us all these
years. Although some of you may be new to our magazine, many of
you have been with us over the course of our long run. No one is
more shocked than I that this little magazine project that started out
as just something I wanted to do would be still going all this time.

      Back in early 2000, Editor and Webmaster D.W. Jones and I along with former partner Shoshna (The
Devil) Strier and myself started this magazine and although there have been ups and downs over the years
the magazine, has found a readership who come back issue after issue to see what we have been doing.
In 2007, we turned the print magazine into one of a digital format but with everything that the print version
had keeping Blood Moon Rising true to itself.  Although going digital had its own pitfalls, the magazine
was able to reach far more readers than when we had it in print and paper. Today as we are on the eve of
our big 20 only months away, I would like to thank both my readers who have been with us, my writers like
Rose Titus, Kraven, William, Michael, Dark Soul and most of all D. W. Jones for helping me keep this little
dream alive for so long.

      Also making a small milestone is our side project Saturday Night Chillers over on Facebook. The
horror movie page is coming up on its two year mark in June and we are so excited how well this
throwback to the Horror Host Show is doing. With our own Dark Soul hosting the films that are shown, he
is joined by a host of cast members to help him intro the movies with text and funny photos of Dark Soul
and company of skeletons and a witch living in everyday surrounding while being creepy and funny like
photos of Dark Soul driving or sitting in the tub. Dark Soul is joined by his co-host Miss Carpathian
Graves, Hex the witch, skeletons Boner & Knock Knees and my own black cat Pumpkin. If you have not yet
soon the page/show over on Facebook, just go to Saturday Night Chillers and you can see the films and
other fun stuff all for free.