Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Welcome back my Legion of readers to our 18th Halloween issue
of Blood Moon Rising. We have some exciting news to tell you about
for this October starting with Blood Fest. I know last issue, I talked
about whether or not we should keep Blood fest our yearly Halloween
show going past this year’s event. Well, for now, we will be doing a
Blood Fest show for at least a few more years so don’t worry for those
of you who attend the events in person or enjoy reading about it in the
magazine that live too far to attend. This year we will be celebrating Blood Fest 15 and featuring the band
The Danger Days.  They are the same band that played our event Krampus Con last year. There will also
be a Haunted House added to the event this year, a ghostly light show, and live on stage Werewolf vs The

      I am also excited to talk about our new event set the week before Blood Fest 15 on the 20th called The
Creepy, Freaky Film Fest. This all-new horror movie event is a project that I have wanted to do for about
10 years or so now and is at least going to happen. Sure we have played movies at Blood Fest ever since
the very first show back in 2003 and at our other events, The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction
but they had other things going on besides film showing.

      For the Creepy Freaky Film Fest, horror films and only horror films are the main attraction for this
event. It’s a title and event idea I had wanted to do for 5 years now with a few false starts and landing
venues to hold the event. The first was in Daytona Beach Florida 5 years ago but that deal never went
through and a few other tries fell flat too. But now using the same venue as Blood Fest for the last 11
years, the Queens Library, we are set to present The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest this October 20th from 12
noon to 4 pm.

      My little pet project, Saturday Night Chillers, is going strong on Facebook as each week we present a
new batch of horror movies, anime films, horror rock and documentaries. As of my writing this, we are over
800 members strong with new people signing up each week. Not bad for an idea I slapped together in a
few weeks last year. Also as Blood Moon Rising soon enters its 19th year of publication, we are getting
things ready for our 20th-year celebration in 2020. As of this time, there are no party plans made but I am
working on ideas for us all to celebrate this long-running magazine as it heads towards its 20thAnniversary
in June 2020.