Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

     Well as Blood Moon Rising begins a new year, we head into our
18th year of publication. Yeah, I’m as shocked as you…..I never

thought we would get past Issue 8, never mind this is Issue 71. Holy
Crap! But here we are 71 issues later and 18 years. Back in the
spring of 2000 when I told my cousin D.W. Jones that I was going to
start a horror magazine named Blood Moon Rising he wanted in. At
that time, D.W. started out as just the magazine's book reviewer and
has still remained that role but his part in all this has gone far…for further than he or I could have ever

     The first seven years of BMR’s publishing life, it was a print magazine with around 70 pages,
sometimes more….sometimes less all depending on the amount of content we had that issue. In the
height of the Great Recession when all of our online and offline bookstores started closing, we had only
two choices  Close our pages like so many other small press publications or evolve into something more.
With D.W. Jones’ help, we moved BMR from print to online and into the magazine you see before you.  But
this was no easy task for him. D.W. had to learn how to create a web page from scratch, fill it with content
and then place the magazine that was done in print for seven years onto it. However, his touch was nothing
less than magical and he built a website and online magazine that to this day looks not only fantastic but is
visited by horror fans from all over the world.

     Our main goal is to reach the 20-year mark and now we are just 2 short years away from reaching that
objective. Most small press magazine of any genre may last a few years if they are lucky. It’s not easy
running a magazine, I know of a lot of people that tried it and could not stay with it for any number of
reasons. Some don’t see the big picture, some do it thinking that they will get rich, others get simply bored
and others lack the true passion for publishing. No, we are not rich from this magazine nor do we do this
for fame. We do this magazine for the passion of publishing, the passion of the genre we work in and the
passion of our fans who have read this magazine for now 18 years. Over the years we have gained and
lost writers, artists and most likely some readers but in the end, the backbone of this little operation has
always been our passion for Blood Moon Rising and D.W. Jones’ skill as a webmaster that keeps this
magazine going as we head into our 18th year of publication.