Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

    Well it’s that time of year when we celebrate Blood Moon Rising’s
anniversary. And after 17 years, it’s still just as exciting today as it was
on June 25th when BMR made its world debut at the New York Comic
Con in 2000. Since then we have gone from a print magazine to an all
online publication and have even produced spinoff magazines, Hallo-
ween stage shows and other genre events. But today I would like to talk
about the one man who has helped me keep this thing going all these

    When I first told D.W. Jones, who is also my first cousin by the way, about my idea of publishing a horror
magazine, he thought it was an interesting plan. He wanted in and became BMRs book reviewer from the
very first issue. Now 69 issues later, D.W. still provides the magazine the best books in the genre and
what you the reader should check out. Beyond the publications book reviewer, D.W. became BMR’s web
master and when we took the magazine all digital in 2007, it was he who held things together by adopting
the magazine right into the web site creating a place where our fans could not only continue reading the
magazine they love but also built one very cool web site experience as well.

    D.W. Jones help and work extends far beyond the just the pages of BMR too. Each year when October
rolls around, D.W. is right there beside me producing our live stage show Blood Fest. I have had the poor
guy do everything from standing outside to greet guests to partaking in our live on stage Freddy vs Jason
battle where he played the masked one to my Freddy. Any crazy thing I ask of him, he’ll do and I can’t
thank them enough. He is without a doubt my right hand man and without him this magazine and other
projects would not succeed as they have this long without his help. D.W. Jones is my cousin, my partner
and my right hand and is even my books editor as well. This issue 69 for our 17th Anniversary is very much
dedicated to him for without him you would not be reading this right now.