Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Welcome back to BMR’s latest issue and we have some good
spooky stuff for you. In honor of Dracula’s 120th birthday, we are still
running our Dracula articles with this issue on the man who created
the vampire Count, author Bram Stoker.  I talked with the people be-
hind one of the best new web series out there, Space Dad. This funny
and clever new series, I had the great pleasure of checking it out
when I attended the Tampa Bay Comic Con last summer. Now they
are here in BMR to talk about their show and its live action stage counterpart.

      If you have been reading our online episodes of Hell Spawns on our web site and fear that it will be
coming to an end, don’t worry!  Dargo and Dax, my two demons, will be back next Halloween 2017 with all
new episodes. In the mean time until Hell Spawns returns, check out my new series Knight Creatures
starting in the summer. Part superhero, part monster mash and all fun! See how a werewolf, vampire,
demon and dragon become heroes and fight the forces of evil as they team up to battle an evil wizard and
his legion of zombies. Look for Knight Creatures on the BMR web site for free starting in June.

      Also I have a new book series called Sick Twisted Little Tales out now on If that title
sounds familiar, that’s because for you older readers who have been with us since the beginning many,
many years ago, that was the title of my book of short stories. Now I have brought back the title as a new
series of single story books starting with Krampus vs The Wendigo and Deliver Us From Evil. Each
novella runs around 1,000 words or so with each being sicker and crazier than the last. Look for the new
series on Amazon and also in the BMR bookstore as well. Also look for the new installment in my Aurora
Constantine assassin series, Pretty Deadly, also on Amazon and the BMR store.