Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

   Welcome back to our Halloween issue for 2016. After 16 years of
Halloween issues, BMR is just getting better and more horror fans are
reading us more than ever. A big thank you goes out to all you BMR
fans for making us your number one horror publication.

   As I write this issue’s Blood Notes, it’s September 8th and I can’t
help but think how this all came about. It was 20 years ago this month
when I, as a horror writer, had my first piece of fiction published within the pages of an indie publication
called Hybrid Moments. Its publisher, Peter Edmont, took a chance on a then completely unknown writer
name AL J. Vermette and within the pages of his magazine Issue number 7 my short story Creep was
published. Then in the following issue number 8, I had my vampire short story The Hunter published as
well. I don’t think that his magazine is around anymore but I would like to thank Peter for kick starting my
career as a published writer.

   Since those days long ago, I started my dream project, the magazine you are now reading. Blood Moon
Rising was a vision I had way back in 1988 but it took until June of 2000 to see that dream come true with
the help of D.W. Jones and former partner and editor Shoshona Strier AKA The Devil. Since the birth of
BMR, I also started to write some projects on my own. In 2000, I published my work under the then
Sapphire Publications label with a graphic novel called Come The Reaper. Later my book of short stories,
Sick Twisted Little Tales, was my first published book followed by my very first novel, Lycanthrope: Nature
of The Beast.

   Now some 20 year later, I have gone publishing crazy in 2016 with the release of two action novels Kill
Fest and The Hit Chick with another being release by end of the year called Pretty Deadly. I also have two
holiday books out called Boo Biz: Guide To Everything Halloween and Boo Biz: Guide To Home Haunting.
All books can be found on not only the BMR web site but as well. Also starting this October
just in time for Halloween, is my series Hell Spawns. This multi episode series will run one episode a
month for free on the BMR web site for all our fans to come back each month and enjoy.

   This Halloween season will also mark our 13th year producing the Blood Fest Halloween Show. This
year we are lining the show with a ghostly laser light show produced by BMR along with the rock band
DMK and a dance performance by Moon Maxx Productions. Our friend Justin Illusion will once again
perform his magic for us and the new BMR puppet singing group Dead Ed & The Boo Brothers will sing
Monster Mash. There will be our Costume & Scream Contests along with a trick or treat parade for the
kids. For his 50th Anniversary, The Great Pumpkin will be at Blood Fest 13 as our special guest along with
Krampus The Christmas Demon. The date for Blood fest 13 is October 22 from 12 noon until 4 pm and
held once again at the Queens Flushing Library 41-17 Main Street Flushing NY 11355.

   From all of us at Blood Moon Rising Happy Halloween!