Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

  So here we are…..our 16th year Anniversary issue, our Sweet
16 you could say. Never ever did we dream that Blood Moon Rising
would still be going 16 years after we started this little publication,
and yet here we are, still entertaining horror fans all over the world.
And it’s you, the horror fan, which keeps us all going and bringing you
this horror magazine.

  By the time you are reading this, my new book The Hit Chick will be available on This is
book two in the Aurora Constantine assassin series, the first being Kill Fest that came out on January
13th. The Hit Chick tells the story of my new anti-hero Aurora, who after six months since the events of Kill
Fest, is now working for a high powered mob boss who rules Miami like a king. After performing a few hits
for him, she is then contracted to kill his wife and lover. The dilemma is that both targets were once her
lovers when on an assignment for her boss. Like in Kill Fest, The Hit Chick has fast action, lots of sex…..
more in-fact and loads of gun play for anyone who loves a good action/ thriller. Look for The Hit Chick on
sale from starting in June.

  We are getting things ready for this year’s Blood Fest 13 Halloween show. Once again Blood Fest will
be performed at the Queens Flushing Library in their 200 seat + theater with full stage. As always, this
event is free to the public, so come on down on Saturday October 22 and enjoy Blood Fest 13. Highlights
this year will be a spooky light show, Scarecrow vs Goblins and an early visit from Krampus, the Christmas
Demon. Once again the event will be hosted by our own Dark Soul.

  Not yet confirmed just yet, but in the works may be another Halloween event produced by Blood Moon
Rising this coming October. I will be teaming up this year with the people from Lets Make A Movie to
perhaps produce a Halloween event in Orlando, Florida this year. We will be looking for a venue to rent in
May and with luck, we will put together a horror event in the sun shine state this coming October. Look for
more on this subject in our next issue and on our web site.

  Our own Rose Titus has a new novel out called After Dark. It’s the follow up to her Night Home vampire
saga released last year. If you love vampire tales, then this is the book to get. You can find After Dark on as both an e-book and in paperback. Rose Titus has been with BMR for many years and we
here at BMR wish her all the best with her new novel. From what I’m told by Rose, that the next book in the
series will have a werewolf in it. I’m looking forward to that one very much.