Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

Welcome my Legion of Blood Moon Rising
fans to our first issue of 2015 and our first  after
Halloween issue as well head into our 15th year of
publication.  Most independently published maga-
zines never make it past their 10th issue and by the time you are reading this we
are in our 15th year and 59 issues behind us.  Not bad, not bad at all.  With this
being our first after Halloween issue, we’ll talk about our big Halloween stage
show, Blood Fest 11 in this issue.

I like to give special congratulations to two of our long time staff writers.  First up is
Rose Titus who has a new horror novella out in the bookstores right now called
“Night Home.”  We at BMR wish Rose all the best with her new book and I am so,
so proud of her.

Long, long, long time staff writer… 15 years, long time writer John Condenzio
has had his novel “Shadow of The Succubus” turned into a feature film.  We are
so happy for John who wrote the book more than 15 years ago when we first met
him and he joined Blood Moon Rising.  Good luck with the new movie John, I know
it will be a hit.

Also as of Issue #59, we are happy to add two new staff writers to our BMR family.  
Author and my friend S.M. Cooper as of this issue takes over for Michael Corvin in
the Making Monsters department of Hollywood make-up artists.  Cooper’s powers
of extreme research will truly bring that department to life.  Writer Mariah Winslow
will be starting a new department we have wished to do about Hollywood horror
actors for some time now.  She starts this issue with the master of fright Vincent

So sit back and enjoy Blood Moon Rising Issue #59.