Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

  Welcome my legion of Fans to Blood Moon
Rising Issue #57 our 14th Anniversary edition.  
Fourteen years of bringing you, our readers, all the
best that the horror genre has to offer.  The proud-
est moments of my life have been the production
this publication and I would like to thank everyone for making us your choice when
it came to your horror fix.

  I would like to tell all my readers some wonderful news that just happened to me
two weeks ago as of my writing this.  On June 4th my little ten month old kitten
Pumpkin gave birth to 4 little babies of her own.  That’s right, I’m the grandpa of 4
new kittens in my life.  Many of you met Pumpkin at last year’s Halloween show
Blood Fest 10 when she herself was just two months old.  She turned out to be the
shows 10th Anniversary mascot and everyone who came to the show loved my
little black Halloween Kitten.  Well now she has little ones of her own and the funny
thing is, none of them are black like her.  Two look just like the father and two are
gray.  Don’t ask me how the hell that happened.  Mom and kids are doing good
and you can see their photos on our web site and in this Blood Notes.

  For our readers and the lucky fans who each year have attended our live event
“The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction”, we are sorry to say that this
event will not be happening this year.  Our event venue, The Queens Flushing
Library, is undergoing construction this year and so our event had to be
canceled.  The event was set for this August 2014 and would have been our 7th
year of producing the genre event.  Many of you either come to the event or if you
live too far have read about it in the following issue of BMR.  We hope to return
the event to you someday in either the same location when the library restoration
is over or we may relocate the event to a new venue if need be.  Since I myself
have been living in Florida for the past year, I have entertained the idea of moving
the Institute to a location nearer to me and save myself the trip back to New York.  
I have a few locations in mind and if I do move the event here to the sunshine
state or if we do two Institutes, one in New York at the library and a new Southern
Institute, I will let you know in upcoming issues of BMR.  But for now, I am sad to
say that there will be no Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction for 2014,

  So enjoy this Anniversary Issue and enjoy the summer!
Pumpkin (l) . . .
. . . and her
little ones in
the pumpkin
patch (r)