Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

 Well it’s Halloween time again and “Blood
Moon Rising” is here to bring you all there is to
celebrate on our most beloved holiday.  This year
marks our 13th year of publication and our 14th
Halloween edition.  Little did we know way back in 2000 when we had our first
Halloween issue, that 13 years later we would be still going strong and bringing
our readers the best in horror fiction and entertainment.  The year 2013 also
marks a milestone for us as well for our Halloween horror show “Blood Fest:
Halloween Show & Rock Party” that began in 2003.  When we started that show,
we never thought that too, would still be going strong ten years later.  “Blood Fest
10” will be once again held at the Queens Library 41-17 Main St. Flushing NY
11355 with this being our 6th time haunting that location.  Please see our web site
for more info on the show.

 “Blood Fest” may be held in BMR’s home turf of New York City but starting this
year myself and Dark Soul, who moved with me down to the Sun Shine State of
Florida, will be aiding in the production of an all new Halloween event running all
October long.  “VooDoo Land: Halloween Haunted Woods & Attraction” with co-
producer David Keller and myself with host Rick Renninger of Renningers Flea &
Farmer Market will be producing the biggest new haunted attraction North of
Orlando in Mount Dora Florida.  This event will feature Wicked Woods Walking
Tour with our own Dark Soul acting as tour guild.  Oh don’t worry…Dark Soul and
myself will be in New York October 19th for “Blood Fest 10” with the Dark one
once again stepping in to host the show.  See our link to the VooDoo Land site on
our web site home page.

 ‘Blood Moon Rising” is not ending the haunting fun this Halloween season but will
be producing an all new ongoing monthly show called “The Nightmare Scream
Show” featuring short films and live entertainment.  A mini “Blood Fest” if you will.  
This new show also in Florida will be held at The Stage in Winter Springs.  See our
web site for up-dates on event.

 So now onto “Blood Moon Rising” Issue #54 our Halloween issue.  This may be
our biggest Halloween issue yet.  We have more interviews than ever before and I
don’t want to give it away by we have in interview with a cast member from the
movie “Hellraser” …..ok I can’t hold out…’s with Chatterbox! ……And a whole lot

 So please enjoy our Halloween Issue #54 and form all of us to all of you………

 Happy Halloween!
AL's new edition to the BMR Family.  How
fitting it is that it's a black cat!