Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

   Welcome my Legion of devoted readers to
"Blood Moon Rising Magazine" Issue #52.  As we
head deeper into 2013, we at BMR are working on
all new projects for the coming months and running
into 2014.  One of those pet projects that I have
started is an all new events production company called Spooktacular Enterprises:
Halloween/ Horror Entertainment.  As you may already know, each October BMR
presents its stage show "Blood Fest: Halloween Show & Rock Party" where we
have rock bands perform and show horror movies.  (Look for info on "Blood Fest
#10" on our web site) Over the last five shows, we added other talents as well to
the show with magicians, dancers, psychics, live monster battles along with our
costume and scream contests.  For the last 6 years, BMR produced our spring
event "The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction" (Also see info on our
web site), where we have author readings, film showings, make-up demos,
lectures, sic/fi and horror collectibles and classic toy displays.  This past October
2012 we even tried a new event/party called "Scream For Halloween" within a New
York city night club.

   Since we started doing these events ten years ago with "Blood Fest #1" in
2003, I have had an over powering need to create more and more live events,
shows and film event screenings.  As I slowly moved away from publishing and with
the down turn in publishing in and of itself, I was more and more compelled to do
more of the live events and move a way from releasing so many books and other
publications under the name Sapphire Publications.  Doing such events in the
name of "Blood Moon Rising” gave the magazine more exposure as well as giving
us new material to write about for future issues.  For anyone who could not attend
our Halloween show "Blood Fest", all they had to do was to read the very next
issue and get caught up on the event almost as though they were there.

   And so with the hopes of starting Spooktacular Enterprises, it will give us more
of an outlet to do more BMR produced film festivals buts here's the hitch.  I am not
starting new endeavor in Blood Moon Rising's home base of New York where the
magazine has ran for the past 13 years...oh no.  I am opening this new production
conpany in the sunny state of Florida to be more graphic Orlando.  Why am I
moving to Orlando and doing this new project there you say?  Well for one...
although I myself am from New York, I once did live there over 20 years ago when I
was just another hopeful writer wanting my work to be read.  Also Orlando is,
maybe outside of Hollywood, the most tactual city in the world.  Most people think
of only that damn mouse that rules this city but in truth there are so, so much
more there than just the Magic Kingdom in this great city of Orlando.  Here I can
run events year round and NOT be hindered by cold or snow and the people are
already here to see all the attractions anyway.  Why not catch a new film festival

   So moving to the sun shine state with me will be Dark Soul to help get things
going and host events as needed.  Blood Moon Rising Magazine will still remain in
New York with D.W. Jones and William Pratt at the helm.  For me, I will be back
and forth to oversee both the magazine and the production company.  Besides
running our own genre events, I would like to see Spooktacular Enterprises work
with other producers on their events and film projects as well.  I would also like to
see us maybe open our own Halloween haunted house some day as I had always
wanted to do under the Blood Moon Rising name.  In the coming years, we will be
not only be doing Blood Fest and The Institute but other film events as The
Creepy Freaky Film Fest, The Nightmare Picture Show and The Midnight Scream
Show.  Please check with our web site for these and other events as they are set
up in the coming years of 2013 and 2014.

   Please someone tell the Mouse that The Lord of Darkness has come to town...
and has brought a little darkness to his domain.