Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

     Welcome back my Legion of readers to Blood
Moon Rising Issue #49 our 12th Anniversary Edition.  
It’s hard to even think about how far this magazine
has come in its 12 years of life.  Starting as a print
publication in 2000 and changing the format to go all
digital and fully online in 2007.  Most small press publications in any given genre
are damn lucky to make it through 2 years let alone 12 years of publishing.  And
now as we prepare for our BIG 50th issue coming this Fall, it will also mark our 13th
Halloween issue as well.  With that said, we are throwing the biggest Halloween
"Blood Fest" show we ever had along with an after party to celebrate BMRs big 50th
issue.  Its going to be one hell of a big issue too for number 50 and I will give you
only one little hint.....we got the one and only Elvira: Mistress of the Dark!!!

     Now on to this issue of BMR.  We have a great 12th year Anniversary issue line
up for you.  We speak with the creator and director of the zombie TV series Patrick
Devaney and we also have in our "Behind The Screams" department a back stage
pass of the making of Episode 10 of this super cool series.  We talk with author,
artist and singer/songwriter Soda about his new projects and what he's up to.  In
this issues "Creature Feature" we look at Dark Heroes and how they have changed
comic books, TV and movies.  Our D.W. Jones reviews some great horror novels
and Dark Soul covers the horror news.  Also articles by Rose Titus from the spooky
shores of Loc Ness in her search for the famous Monster and Kraven: The She
Wolf writes about the rise of the TV series "Supernatural."  Editor D.W. Jones talks
with psychic Elizabeth Palladino about her craft and our new staff member Charles
Dunbar talks about Japanese Monsters.

     For all you fans of our other two magazines "The Horror Writer" and "Werewolf
Magazine" you will be glad to know that we are bringing both publications back for
our fans to enjoy.  "The Horror Writer" will soon return as a series of featured
articles on the BMR web site starting this late summer.  The new online format will
cover all the things the printed magazine featured such as articles on How to Get
Published, How To Write A Scary Story, Who To Send Your Story To, What Makes
a Horror Story Scary and so much more.  If you are a writer and would like to write
new articles for the new online "The Horror Writer" let us know and we would love to
feature your article in the new magazine.  As for my personal little baby "Werewolf
Magazine" that will return by the new year 2013 with a new look and all new
werewolf fiction.

So now enter BMRs 12th Anniversary Issue #49.........and enjoy!