Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

Welcome my legion of readers to "Blood Moon
Rising Issue #48.  As we fast approach our landmark
big Issue number 50 coming this Halloween, we are
always looking to add more and more fun and spooky
stuff to this magazine now that we are in our 12th year of publication.  (Yeah we're
shocked too....12 years)

For all of you who came to our event "The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science
Fiction" and for those of you who live to far all the events info and events are in this
issue of BMR, this year’s event was our 5th Anniversary of doing the Institute and it
was our biggest and best one to date.  We had as always our short films with this
year featuring of "Zombie Hunters: City of The Dead" with Q&A with filmmaker
Patrick Devaney and cast.  Also was a screening of the film "Demon Cleaners" with
a talk with director Dave Rodriguez.  

This year’s event we had a great line-up of authors as well with fantasy author
Soda talking about his novel "The Wizard of Odd" along with a reading from his new
Halloween story.  We had horror author Steven Roman reading from his book Blood
Feud and teen author (my niece, the skull didn't fall far from this tree of bones)
fantasy writer Nikki DeSanto with a reading from her up coming novel "The Wind".  
For this year’s Institute we added something new and way cool with the addition of
psychics who talked about their craft and gave us the insights to what real psychics
do and how they are at times misunderstood.  We also had one killer make-up artist
named Jennifer who created a devilish creature before our eyes.  You can read all
about this years Institute in this issue of "Blood Moon Rising"

We have new events also coming this year.  Along with "The Institute" that we just
did and our "Blood Fest Halloween Show" set for this October 20th, we also have a
new Halloween film event set for Oct. 24th called "Classic Creepers" to look for in
the coming months.  We are also planing a writers event called "Project Author
Quest" for the months ahead, where all writers of all genres can take part in.  As of
this issue, this event has no date set but check back with us on our web site for
more info as we develop this event.  And always check with our web site in the BMR
Appearances page to get more info on these events and others that we will be
putting on in 2012 and 2013.

And now enjoy Blood Moon Rising Issue #48!