Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

 Welcome back, my Legion of Blood Moon Rising
fans to our first issue of 2012, Issue #47.  (Wow the
issue numbers have finely reach my age.)  As we
enter our 12th year of publication, BMR is going
strong with new reviews, interviews and horror fiction thanks to our devoted
readers.  In this issue, we meet a new group of film makers from Acid Bath
Productions and their new movie "Hack Job".  Look for my interview with the film
makers and see Dark Soul’s review of their new film.  Our old friends at Lake Films
have a new movie out called "Eviction" and is their very first zombie film.  This film
was shown at our Blood Fest 8 Halloween show this past Oct. 22 and you can read
about it in our movie review department as well.

 Since this is our after Halloween issue we have some fun stuff from this years
horror holiday.  First off we talk about our 8th "Blood Fest" show that was held on
October 22.  This was our biggest show that we have thrown to date as the show
brought in over 250 people...and the place only has 205 seats. This years show we
really stepped it up by adding dancers and a stand-up comic.  Also added this year
was a "Make A Mummy Contest" and our live on stage monster battle "Werewolf vs
Bigfoot".  Read all about it in this issue.

 This past Halloween was a little more dear to my dark heart due to the fact that this
was my 30th Anniversary of dressing up and scaring the crap out of kids as they
came for their Trick or Treats.  Last issue I wrote about the past 29 years and now
in Part Two read about how I scared up some screams this year.

 For those of you who have been reading this magazine since the very beginning,
you will know my partner and former editor Shoshana Strier who started Sapphire
Publications with me back in 1999.  For the last few years, Shoshana was working
with us a little less and less as she moved on to other things.  This past November,
Shoshana moved out west to Phoenix "never to return" in her words ever again.  I
would like to thank her for all these years of working with me and for being my friend
for the last fifteen years.  I wish her well in her new life and I will miss my old partner.

 Starting in this issue, I would like to introduce you to two new writers for Blood
Moon Rising.  Both of who have written for us in the past in both BMR and its sister
publication "Werewolf Magazine".  From "Werewolf Magazine" writer Kraven: The
She-Wolf joins the BMR staff since at this time Werewolf Magazine is taking some
time off.  Writer and monster hunter Roc Lincoln also joins our staff starting with #47
as well.  I welcome them both to the BMR writing team.

 And now enjoy Blood Moon Rising Issue #47!