Blood Notes
                           By Publisher AL J. Vermette

  Welcome to Blood Moon Rising’s Halloween issue #39 and our last issue of this
decade.  BMR #40 due out January 2010 will bring us into an all new publishing mild
stone as we start our tenth year anniversary in publishing along with a new decade
of ten more years.  Not bad for a little magazine that started as a crazy dream of
mine and now is read for horror fans all over the world.  Our 40th issue will be a big
one as will be the 10th Anniversary issue #41 coming this June.  The upcoming year
will bring some new and wonderful things to our readers and fans in and outside of
Blood Moon Rising itself.  I will talk more about these things in the next issue of BMR
as we start the new year but here is a sneak peek that I just can’t hold back.
  Ten years ago, Sapphire Publications released its very first product and no it was
not BMR.  It was the horror action graphic novel “Come The Reaper” written and
drawn by yours truly.  Now ten years later, we it comes full circle when we release
“Come The Reaper” The Internet TV Series.  The action dark thriller like its comic
book brother tells the story of warring clans of death angels led by the evil Cirrus.  
Her plans of world damnation are held in check by the antihero Shadow Reaper
Sylo who must stop her and her legion of Reapers and restore order to the realms
of Heaven, Hell and Earth.  Look for production news in up coming BMR issues on
the show staring Lady Zombe, Ali Fangsmith, Louis Poveromo, Diana DeSanto and
Dale Smith.
  The Horror Writer will once again be doing its writers and film makers event “The
Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction 3” coming this spring 2010 held once
again at the Queens Flushing Library.  There is no date set for this event as of this
writing, so please check with the BMR web site for the events date and time.
  …..And now on to this new Halloween issue!  Our own Halloween event Blood
Fest 6 is coming this October 24th and held again here in New York at the Queens
Flushing Library 41-17 main St. Flushing NY 11355 from 12 noon to 5pm and is free
to all horror fans.  This years show will be our biggest and best one yet featuring
the rock bands Decembers Fall, Dead City Rush and Snowball 37 with more music
by Gigi and Sal Sirchia from the film company Light & Dark Productions.  Light &
Dark will also be shooting an opening film for the show this year and I for one can't
wait to see what they come up with to start off Blood Fest 6 with.
  For this years show and for the first time since we started these Halloween events
we are adding two new and wonderful acts to the show’s line up.  First we are
adding magic by Didi Maxx, Jasper, RJ Williams and Steven Henriquez.  And for the
first time we are adding our own Blood Moon Rising Go-Go dancers The Blood Dolls
to the show.  All this and a haunted walkway, costume and scream contest and
short horror films.  See our web site for more info on Blood Fest 6 and we hope that
as many of you can join us as can be.  The Queens Library’s full size 200 plus seat
theater is screaming for you to come.
  For this Halloween issue we bring you all that the spooky holiday has to offer.  All
throughout this issue over the next two months before Oct 31s,t check back with us
on new things being added all season long.  Unlike when we printed this magazine
two months before Halloween now we can add things all the time leading up to the
31st since now we publish BMR online.  So what dose that all mean?  We will be
adding cool spooky houses as we see them.  New and older horror movies added
all the time for reviews.  Reports of Halloween places that we are going to other
then our own Blood Fest 6 event.  One such place is the very real town of Sleepy
Hollow and a peek at the Amityville Horror as it stands today.
  So now join us for this issues Halloween fun and we bring you our fans Blood
Moon Rising Issue #39.