Blood Notes

Welcome my Legion of readers to Blood Moon Rising’s Halloween issue #36 as
we celebrate this  spooky holiday together.  It’s been a long year for some of us
since the last Halloween issue.  The BMR staffers have been through bad
whether, sickness and even death of loved ones since our last big Halloween
magazine and yet through it all here we are.  God knows that it’s not been a
good 12 months for me as I faced personal pain with the early this year with the
death of my son, my dog King who I lost this past January just two months short
of his 13th birthday.  Some other shit happened to me that I will not go into and
then there was my big house move that I am still after a year this October still
can’t find things that were packed.  Even Sapphire is still not up to full running
order though you would not know it due to all the projects that I have been
involved in.  Funny though it was a bad....bad year for me as a person ..... how -
ever it was one hell of a kick ass year for me as a writer.

In February I created and hosted the first ever The Institute of Horror, Fantasy &
Science Fiction held at the Queens Flushing Library for The Horror Writer.  The
event complete with film showings from Lake Films,  guest authors, light saber
duels and ended the event with a live action sword battle with the hero of my
chapbook series Lucan brought to life on stage in a fantasy battle with Lucan
taking on evil foes.  The show also sported a Monster Museum display that I
built for the show showcasing many of the full size creatures that I make for
Halloween.  There also was three glass display cases with mini movie monsters,
dragons, aliens, and an assortment  of skulls all from my personal collection.  I
even had my Star Wars and Star Trek action figures all from the 1970s with the
Star Wars figures being the first ones issued after the 1977 film 30 year ago. It
was really cool having people see that collection after they have been hidden
away all this time.

In March I went to Long Beach New York to lazy Days Books for a signing of my
fantasy book series Lucan: Heart of The Warrior and  Lucan: Serpents Rein
that was a blast.  Its very rare that I do an appearance alone and not with the
BMR staffers that live in and near New York and promote BMR, but this time it
was all me..... my turn to showcase my book series on my own.  I didn’t even
have Lucan himself there to help.  Though I was set up outside the bookstore
where they wanted me and thinking “This may suck!” I sold way more books
than if I was set up in the bookstore itself.  People was buying books from me
that didn’t even go into the store.  Now I know it's not bad being in front and
not always having to be in the bookstore to sell books.

Just this past summer I hosted class room lectures at the Queens Flushing
Library for a four week series on writing and publishing.  The weekly classes
were so much fun to teach that I can't wait to teach what I love to a new group
of young and unpublished writers again.  The classes were about how to get
their work published and into the hands of editors who will want their  work.  
By the end of the four weeks some of the would writers had the chance to
submit their work to me to be included in the next issue of The Horror Writer.
One wild thing to happen to me this year was to have my newest novel Dark
Soul Rising (no relation to our writer of the same name) picked up by an
outside publisher.  Yeah that’s right my new novel will be released by the
publishing house Publish America and not Sapphire Publications.  It  marks my
first novel that will be published outside of Sapphire Publications when it’s
released in 2009.  I will let you all know more as its publishing date grows
closer.  As of this writing I have no release date yet.  Oddly enough I will be also
working outside of Sapphire for a new mens magazine called Long Island Mens
Magazine or LIME for short as their movie reviewer starting this fall.  I have lots
of film reviewers for BMR like Dark Soul and Robert Freese but this is a chance
for me to do reviews of all genres for a new up-start publication here in Long

Another project I have been working on is bringing  my fantasy hero Lucan to
the internet and  You Tube with film director Thomas Bender.  The action
packed video shot in Queens NY has my werewolf warrior taking on evil knights
and other creatures as he protects siblings from a band of marauders.  See this
issue of Blood Moon Rising to learn more about the video, the cast and
production.  To watch the short film, go to  and key word search
(Lucan Defender) to view. This will be the second You Tube video that we have
on there.  The first being the one shot at the Institute show I talked about
before.  This new video shot more as a short film then stage show  has with it a
following documentary of the making of the film itself and info on how to order
Lucan books

By the time you are reading this we will be getting ready for this years new
Blood Fest: Horror Show & Rock Party held at the Queens Flushing Library
(yeah can you see a trend here.)  The new Halloween horror show is the first
one held at this new location and the first show in two years.  Although this is
Blood Fest 5 it should have been number 6 but due to my moving last year just
days before Halloween I thought it best to hold off doing the show until this
year.  Now this year the show returns and bigger then ever before and the first
held in daylight.  Though better to hold a Halloween  horror show in the night
but our new venue on weekends is only open in the daytime so we thought well
ok....lets just do a daytime show.  But unlike the other Blood Fest shows this
one will also be free to all who come.               
                                                                          AL J. Vermette