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In This Issue of Blood Moon Rising

Interviews with Nicholas Vince- actor who player Chatterer in
Hellraiser, Melanie Denholme- Scream Queen, Stephen
Cooney- Zombie Artist, Ryan Fleming- Filmmaker of movie
Welcome to Essex and Denise Gossett- creator and producer
of Shriekfest

Special Features articles: Kong Turns 80, Halloween 'Extreme
Convention', Scare A Con Horror & Sci Fi Fan Convention,
Halloween: 35 Years Ago

Creature Feature: Pinhead - Lord of the Cenobites

Bloody Book Reviews: Halloween heroes protecting both
humans and supernaturals, sequel to High Moor with more
action, collection of tales from the undead

Along with the rest of our regular sections of blood notes,
nightmare news, graveyard cinema, fiction, poetry and
nightmare gallery