The Rose Files
True Scary Stories from Life
                                           Death on the Prairie

                                                            ~ Rose Titus ~

      We do live in a strange world and that is a fact.  And in this strange world, strange things often happen
that defy logic or rational explanation.  Sometimes people are aware of these strange events, yet continue
to ignore the obvious, perhaps afraid to confront the cold reality of what is happening.

      An example of strange events that keep happening over and over, and which defy explanation, and
which people in authority seem to want to continue to ignore, is the phenomenon of cattle mutilation which
keeps occurring in rural areas and which is being done by parties unknown who apparently can never be
stopped, identified, or apprehended.

      Want to know more?

      Read on…  But be warned.  The following paragraphs are somewhat disturbing, and yes, downright
scary!  And please feel free to imagine the theme music to the X-Files playing in the background while you
read this, because that is where this is going… !

      In the late 1970’s, a television journalist, Linda Moulton Howe, became aware of strange and bizarre
livestock deaths that were occurring in the west – cattle country.  At first, she believed that some
hazardous chemical was to blame.  Or perhaps, she wondered, was the government behind it all,
obtaining tissue samples at random to test for some sort of contamination?  She went to investigate and
began work on her documentary, A Strange Harvest.  If you have an interest in the subject matter, I
recommend watching the video of this documentary.  However, some of the images in the video may
upset sensitive types of people.

      None of the people interviewed in the documentary seemed frivolous or overly imaginative.  They
appeared to be honest, decent, hardworking people.  When watching the video, I got the impression that
the people she interviewed were telling the truth the best they could.

      The film was followed by a book, which is filled with photographs, some of which are also quite

      Surprisingly, while in the course of her investigation, she found that livestock mutilations were
occurring not just in the American west, but also in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Europe.

      After the film was broadcast in 1980, she began to get letters and phone calls – a lot of letters and
phone calls! – from all sorts of people who wanted to tell their stories.

      And so she travelled around in the American west… rural areas and farmland, talking to ranchers and
law enforcement, trying to find out just what the hell was going on.

      People began to talk to her about “strange lights” in the sky that were seen in areas where dead cattle
or horses were discovered.  And the animals were not just dead, they were mutilated in horrifying and
disgusting ways.

      It seems to have all started in Colorado way back in 1967, when a healthy mare was found dead, her
flesh untouched except for the head and neck which were skeletal, dry bones, and the rest of the horse
was left intact.  There were no tracks around the body.   The unfortunate animal was examined by Dr. John
Henry Altshuler, who found that the flesh was cut as if cut by a laser (no surgical laser technology was
available at the time).  The doctor also discovered that the heart, lungs, and thyroid were missing from this
deceased horse.

      That same year, other strange horse deaths were reported in Canada.  Later, strange animal deaths
were reported in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska...  Cattle, horses,
goat, pigs…  tongues and eyes removed, reproductive organs removed, rectums cored out, and very often
drained of blood…  Much of the damage done to these poor domesticated animals can be accurately
described as just downright sick.

      And not just strange lights in the sky, but odd helicopters were now being seen in areas where
livestock was being found destroyed.  Some of the animals were found to have broken bones, as if their
bodies were dropped from above… !

      More recently, as this “strange stuff” is still going on, even in England, sheep were being found dead
after apparently being “lasered” (sic) by “mysterious orange lights in the sky, leaving the poor creatures
without brains or eyes.”  Dead sheep were being found with holes drilled into their heads from which
brains were extracted.  (From Fortean Times July 2010.)

      The late John Keel, famously eccentric but brilliant author of The Mothman Prophecies, was aware of
this phenomenon also.  In one of his books, he reported the case of a cow literally cut in two, as if by a
“giant pair of scissors.”  The organs and blood in the lower half were removed.  Mr. Keel also states in his
book The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings that these strange events were occurring way before Ms.
Howe ever heard of cattle mutilations.  In the chapter entitled “Cattle Rustlers from the Skies,” he tells a
tale from the 1950’s, where in Idaho, a “glowing elliptical machine” came down in a field and soon after a
steer went missing.

      One must wonder how the ranchers feel when confronted with this mayhem.  Their cattle are their
livelihood, and each animal taken is a financial loss.  But not only do the destroyed cattle represent a
financial loss, the ranchers must also feel helplessness and disgust when faced with a strange thief that no
one can stop, or even identify.

      There are many explanations, including cattle rustlers, weird cultists, devil worshippers, vandals, the
so-called “secret government,” and of course…  UFO’s!  Many people including Ms. Howe and Mr. Keel,
and apparently lot of ranchers, believe that otherwordly beings are taking these animals for their
experiments, or that they are even consuming the protein from the animals’ softer tissues – that is, the
aliens are eating certain parts of the cows and leaving the rest dead on the ground to be discovered by
ranchers in the morning.  (Perhaps the space ships have no onboard dining facilities?!  This of course
doesn’t seem logical.  If beings are smart enough to travel thousands of light years, then why don’t they
know enough to pack a lunch?)

      Disturbingly, the well-known author of many paranormal books, Brad Steiger, claims that he and his
wife Sherry communicated with a “former NASA scientist” who told them that there were underground UFO
bases in which there were “large storage vats” containing “human body parts” that were to be processed
to manufacture food for aliens.  (Which of course means that cattle aren’t the only creatures being
mutilated… a scary thought when one considers the numbers of people who seem to go missing and are
never found… !)

      But once again, UFO’s are not the only possible explanation…

      One person who would insist that cultists were to blame was a criminal who went by the name of A.
Kenneth Bankston.  While serving time at the penitentiary in Kansas, he wrote to Kansas Senator Ross
Doyen claiming that the cattle mutilations were the work of a secret order of devil worshippers.  He even
claimed that the cult used needles to draw the blood out of the cows and used the organs in their pagan
“fertility rites.”  Bankston named another man, Dan Dugan, a car thief, who was also serving time.   When
interviewed, both men made wild claims about this crazy cult of cattle rustling devil worshippers, saying
that this group also had plans to seize nuclear weapons, set off bombs, assassinate members of
Congress, and other various assorted mayhem.  These two creative crooks went on and on with their
amazing tales of intrigue…!

      The authorities eventually decided the men were making it all up, however, and the theory of “cultists”
doing the mutilations has never been proven.

      Some people believe that the “secret government” is really behind it all, clandestinely removing tissues
and organs from livestock to test for nuclear radiation, as supposedly, those people believe, atomic
weapons may have been tested in those rural areas in the American West during the 1950’s, and the
government needs to know if there is any harmful radiation in those areas which could harm American

      Or, another variation of the “secret government is behind it all” theory is that “they” are killing the cattle
to obtain “test samples” to find out if the cattle are carrying diseases such as  “mad cow” that could spread
to people who consume beef…  Or they are testing for chemical contamination before it gets into our food
supply.  And so that is why the mysterious “black helicopters” supposedly land and organs are secretly
removed from these poor animals in the dark of night, the theory goes.

      And that theory is quite possible.  However, the strange killing of valued livestock and the willful
destruction of the ranchers’ property causes anger and much suspicion.  If the government wanted to test
animals for radiation, chemical contamination, or illness, it would be much easier for a government agency
to purchase livestock and tell the ranchers they were buying the cattle for beef for the military.  The idea
that government men would land a helicopter in the middle of a field just to butcher a cow doesn’t seem all
that logical.  It would probably be a lot cheaper to use our tax dollars to buy a cow rather than pay to hire a
helicopter pilot along with a team of specialists who can use laser-cutting equipment to remove organs
with surgical precision.  In addition, there is the risk that the government agents would be charged by a
raging bull in the process...

      Somehow, the other theories seem almost more rational.

      Ted Oliphant disagrees with me on this one, however.  Like Linda Moulton Howe, he claims to have
“gone out there” to talk to ranchers and other witnesses.  He even walked through what is known as a
“rendering plant” to see what goes on at these facilities where dead livestock are “rendered,” and actually
converted to feed for other livestock, which he says has the potential for the spread of disease from one
(sick and / or dead) animal to another (live) animal, which we will eat at a later time (as a hamburger) and
there is the dangerous potential for the spread of so-called “mad cow” disease, otherwise known as
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

      In a fascinating, yet very disturbing article, Mr. Oliphant tells all about it, and you find out stuff you
probably would rather not know about the food we eat.  Mad Cow Disease cannot be prevented by
cooking beef “well done.”  It is what is called a “prion” disease, and prions cannot be destroyed with heat
or normal cleaning methods.  Prions are so dangerous that when an autopsy is done on tissue infected
with prions, the scapels and other instruments need to be thrown out and cannot be re-used again.

      Oliphant mentions that strange drugs were found in the remains of cattle that had been mutilated:  
barbiturates and anti-coagulants.  He also tells the reader that he had an informant he calls “Phil.”

      “Phil” said that this is being done to study and sample for mad cow disease using the government’s
“black budget.”  A drug is used to incapacitate the animal, and then the animal is exsanguinated, and
tissue samples are taken.

      So why doesn’t the government just buy cows that they want for medical testing?  Because to truly test
for this disease, they need to test in areas all around “everywhere” that there are cows.  If they bought
cows, they would most likely only obtain healthy appearing animals and also not be certain where they
originally came from.

      Oliphant strongly insists that all of this is true… and yet, the first animal identified as a victim of these
activities was a horse that was considered a pet and definitely not a part of the food supply.

      And so then… why?

      Why does this keep happening?

      None of the theories, of course, can be positively proven.  Cattle mutilations began in the 1960’s and
continue to this day.

      Something very strange is happening in the American West and in rural areas around the world.  And
no one really knows who… why… or what (!) is behind it all.

If you want to learn more, then check out these resources:

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