The Rose Files
True Scary Stories from Life
                    A Visit with Bigfoot

                                    ~ By Rose Titus ~

    Most people who love to read books
from the edge of reality would associate the
northern state of Main with Stephen King,
naturally, but it’s also home to legendary
cryptozoologist and famous Bigfoot hunter
Loren Coleman.

    Fortunately, the far edge science of
cryptozoology no longer just exists only in
books or in the deep dark waters of Loch
Ness – now you can visit the International
Cryptozoology Museum which recently
opened in Portland, Maine – and actually
see Bigfoot in person!

    Well…  actually a life-sized, stuffed
replica of what Bigfoot supposedly looks
like.  After reading several books by Loren
Coleman, I have always wanted to visit this fabled place.  All I needed was a day

    Finally, after receiving a notice that I was being laid off along with some other
co-workers, while at the same time finding out that my hours at my part time
weekend job were being cut back, I had the time to hit the road and head north
to find Bigfoot.  Working two jobs, seven days a week, can really keep a person
away from having cryptozoological adventures.

    As luck would have it, I not only found Bigfoot – I actually met Mr. Coleman
himself!   As I pulled up alongside the entrance to the Museum, I saw an older
gentleman walking out to his SUV.  I asked him if he knew where I could park,
and noticed he looked like the photograph of the author in his books…  “Are
you Mr. Coleman?”


    “I love your books.”

    He shook my hand, “Thank you.”

    Then he warned me that I might be towed if I parked in the lot across from
the museum, “Maybe you can park on the street.”  He got into his truck and was
gone.  I noticed his license plate said “Crypto 1.”  I wanted to talk to him a lot
more, about anything and everything, but I’m not the type to pester celebrities.  
After all, cryptozoologists are people too.

    I finally found a safe place to park, and felt like eating first.  A lady in the
parking lot told me it was okay to park there, and when asked about places to
eat, suggested “Local Sprouts.”  As it turned out, this coffee shop was almost as
fun as the museum itself.  If you want to time travel back to the 1960’s, and get a
good organic salad, or a burger made of “grass-fed beef,” come in to this
place.  Here I found that Maine not only has Bigfoot and famous people, but also
a few hippies and anti-capitalists who serve good coffee and great muffins.

    Now…  on to the Museum!

    The first thing I noticed was the stuffed coyote on the wall.  A handsome
specimen, it looked like the one that visits my backyard from time to time.  The
lady at the desk said that many coyotes in New England are wolf-coyote hybrids,
which I have heard is true.

    Also on the wall above is a mounted coelacanth.  The lady who runs the
museum when Loren isn’t around asked if I knew about this type of fish, as I
said, “Oh, there’s a big coelacanth!”  I certainly did know about these fish, since
there was one in the Museum of Comparative Zoology, which is in Boston, closer
to home for me, “Not as big as that one,” I said, but told her I’ve seem one

    These fish were supposed to be extinct, but were re-discovered and found to
be quite alive, as many people still hope the thylacine and the ivory billed
woodpecker might be.

    And of course, there was Bigfoot, eight feet tall or more – the big, shaggy
wild man of the forest himself.  You can take pictures if you like.

    There were plaster casts of alleged Bigfoot feet, much bigger than my size
eight shoe.  There was a model of the Cadborosaurus – which is supposedly a
sea serpent that dwells in Cadboro Bay, British Columbia (yes, I was there once,
too – but sadly, I didn’t see the beast – just the beautiful clear ocean).  There
are thylacines, jackalopes, Jenny Hanivers, and FeeJee Mermaids…   And even
a fur bearing trout!

    You can visit with Mothman and Nessie, black panthers, and even a saber
tooth cat!  All in the same two rooms.  And don’t miss the gift shop area,
because you can’t leave without getting a t-shirt!

    Does Bigfoot actually roam the dark forests of Maine… ?

I do not know for sure, but the International Cryptozoology Museum lets us
wonder about the mysteries that still remain on this Earth, undiscovered, and
waiting to be found, far out in the vast northern wilderness that is still untouched
by man.