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What new in the BMR Universe                                                       July 24, 2017

As they say, better late than never.  Due to some delays Issue 69 is now out
and ready for your enjoyment.  We continue with the series on Dracula with
The Men Who Played Dracula.  Also, we take a look at the past with Monster
Squad 30 Years later.  We have our regular departments like our fiction,
nightmare gallery, creature feature and much, much more.  So enjoy!

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Just released now is Episode 3 of the new series called Knight Creatures
by AL J. Vermette.  This story continues as the motley crew of super-
natural creatures
go to battle to rescue one of their own. Can the
rest of the team
survive the battle with their own and live to tell about it.  
AL Vermette is writing this series for the summer for your enjoyment.  
So click on the cover to the right and start reading.  Enjoy!

The last episode of the Hell Spawns series before the summer break is now available.  It continues to
follow the exploits of Dargo and Dax as they try to survive the new world they are thrown in with one
uneasy ally.  Check it out now.  Or if you are new to this series by AL Vermette, click on any of the
episodes above.  So enjoy reading!

Here is the newest book being released through BMR from publisher
AL Vermette.  Below are a brief description of the his books.

The Hit Chick By AL J. Vermette

She's Aurora Constantine, Miami's most deadly female assassin.  She's attrac-
tive as she is lethal and her heartless brutality has been the only thing that
has kept the former CIA operative and freelance hit woman alive up until now.
Now six months after the Kill Fest carnage that tested all her skills as a pro-
fessional killer and nearly took her life. Aurora has found all new threats to
face in her current assignment as a hired gun.  Operating under an underworld
mob boss named Michael Stone, he employs Aurora and her new partner
Wesley Condor as his person executioners keeping his oppostion down to a minimum. When Aurora
is contracted to kill both Stone's wife and Condor for having an affair, she is faced with a dark
decision. Kill her friend and partner or reap the reprucussions of breaking her contract.

Having severed her agreement meant that new assassins will be gunning for her as she faces a hit
squard sent in to execute her. Now on the run, Aurora with the help of an unlikely ally and a youthful
assassin in training, she must face the hit men seeking to take her out or strike first. Now it will take
every bit of her killer instinct to survive.

Order this book at our Other Products page along with several other books by AL J Vermette like Kill

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Issue #68 is ready for
you to enjoy.  We
have special features
like the The Men Who
Played Dracula,
Creature Feature:
Swamp Thing and
more with all our
regular depts.  Enjoy!




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